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What is Head Start Nutrition?

Head Start Nutrition is a PE class/program for youth that focuses on education in addition to working out and playing games. The public school system fails to teach us anything about nutrition  and fitness and having that knowledge at a young age is crucial to living a long and healthy life. 

Classes are held twice a week where they learn about calories and macro/micronutrients, the importance of water etc. Following the short 10-15 minute lesson, we will workout and play games to get the kids active and moving. Class is 1 hour long.

Head Start Nutrition has optional homework that is meant to unite the family and create excitement for the kids. Completed homework assignments will be rewarded with coins that they can spend on various prizes (with parents permission). 


Is Head Start Nutrition For You?


  • Your kids will be learning information that will help lead them to a healthy life.

  • Information taught in this course is not taught in public schools. Most adults don't even know a lot of the information we will cover.

  • The workouts are fun and engaging which will help with teamwork and social skills.

  • Your kids will burn calories in a fun and effective way.

  • Your kids will be more tired the rest of the day making them easier to manage.

  • Your kids will be drinking more water. 

  • Your kids will be sleeping better at night.

  • We teach that health and fitness can be fun and that health comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • Your kids will be gone for an hour so you can finally get some peace and quiet.